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The RedTail LiDAR system was designed specifically for UAV applications.  Range, scan patterns and angles, pulse repetition rate, accuracy and resolution have all been carefully considered in the design of the RedTail system.  The microelectromechanical mirror used within the RedTail system scans pulsed laser light to the ground at optimized scan angles, providing high-quality data in an even point distribution pattern.  


The RedTail LiDAR system has been designed to simplify point cloud data collection.  From flight planning to the delivery of final data analysis products, we have paid careful attention to the integration of features and workflow processes that ensure you can rapidly and effectively create and use point cloud data.

LiDAR 101

An Introduction to LiDAR Technology, Data, and Applications is a great reference document published by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).  This document is useful for those new to LiDAR as it provides an overview of LiDAR technology, terminology, basic principles and techniques, and the importance of accuracy, precision and point density within point clouds.  

Performance Characteristics of an Airborne LiDAR System

This technical paper describes the key performance attributes of a LiDAR system and how these attributes affect the quality of your point clouds.  When side-by-side comparisons of LiDAR systems are performed, it is necessary to understand the specifications presented by vendors and how these specifications affect operational performance in a real-world environment. 


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